We can't say how thrilled we are with the price we got, it just highlights how lazy other agents are. This was a brilliantly run campaign from start to finish. no other agents we spoke to 'think' or market and sell like Gregg. Call us and call him.

Hugh K - Adelaide - Seller

Gregg listened and found the extra solutions to get the deal done, he took the time and was genuinely interested in helping us, which shows there is actually at least 'one honest' agent out there.

Paul F Buyer Mudgeeraba - REA Verified

Greg, Thank you, thank you. You got a huge price considering, you sure had to work for it, that extra seniors market you get is a game changer, I'll 100% call you only to sell the next one.

Shelley H - Seller WA - REA Verified

Buyer of a unit in Mitchelton, Qld I'm an agent working as a competitor and why most agents don't work together to try to get the best price for their sellers is always disappointing Til I met Gregg, he was open and honest and worked with me to get my buyer the property and his seller the best price, he is a rare agent we need more like him.

Andy L - Buyer Mitchelton REA Verified

He did it again, a new record price on our second sale, Gregg gets to another sector of buyers no other agents even talked to us about, as he said it's better to stand out, than blend in when you're selling, Call him if you want the best

Roy & Tina C - Seller Mudgeeraba REA Verified

We're really suprised at the price, couldn't be happier Gregg sure delivered above and beyond.

Simone Y - Seller of House in Brassall REA Verified

Gregg's 100% Premium Price Guarantee worked brilliantly, he offers a marketing strategy 'No Other Agent Can.' and that's what made all the difference, to be honest $38,000 minimum over what other buyers offered. It worked for me.

Angela C - Seller VIC REA Verified

Click here to view Video Testimonial https://youtu.be/SVZZSYfptN0

Dean and Fluer VIC

It's simple, If you want to sell for more... sell with Gregg Hewitt @realty, the guy is a great negotiator

Phil B - Seller Carina REA Verified

Gregg was fantastic and professional in his work.

Phillip C - Buyer Cannon Hill REA Verified

We almost went with Coronis, if we did we would have lost $45,000, as they under quoted what we could get from what we got thanks to Gregg's efforts. If you want a Premium Price, call a Premium Agent.

Stratos P - Seller Cannon Hill REA Verified

Our 2nd Property SOLD by Gregg, he's so easy to deal with nothing is a bother he controlled everything, we can't believe how hard he pushes buyers to get every last dollar for us.

Daniel C - Seller Everton Park REA Verified

RESULTS... Are what matter not the normal agent pitch, just talking the price up then pulling it down over time with excuses. Our agent got our property into a whole new seniors market sector that other agents can't and that made the difference, if you want RESULTS call Gregg

Karen P - Seller Robina REA Verified

You always said you would get 25% more people to see our home than other agents and would get us a higher price, and you did. This guy walks the talk, he looked after our best interests so well. He is the real deal.

Don F - Seller Varsity Lakes REA Verified

Over time I have come across lots of realo's, very few I would let sell our home, being introduced to Gregg and understanding how he 'markets and sells differently' just made sense. We saw the results of how hard he negotiates, most agents wouldn't be bothered to push that hard. Our tip, give him a call over the big brands.

Sam C - Seller Carrara REA Verified

Gregg was extremely helpful at a time when things can move very quickly as a buyer. He went above and beyond to have my questions answered so I felt comfortable in making the very important decisions when buying a property. I would definitely go through this process again with Gregg.

Buyer Varsity Lakes REA Verified

Just a good bloke, not a cheezy agent, a really nice change just helpful, open and straight up how agents should be but aren't. He helped me get what I wanted and I'll buy from him again.

Daniel S. Buyer Hope Island REA Verified

I got $60,000 more than the same unit below, any agent can put an ad on realestate.com.au etc, it's easy. But Gregg also targeted the additional group of buyers who are seniors and downsizers that all the other agents miss or don't know how to reach, so we had more buyers and it worked. People in here now want him to sell their units...

Margaret D. Seller Hope Island REA Verified

To be honest we set a very high bar, we interviewed 4 agents before committing to Gregg, he didn't tell us everything we wanted to hear and pushed back, where none of the other agents did, they all just told us what they thought we wanted to hear and we knew they were full of it. We expected a lot and wanted a lot, Gregg and his team went above and beyond and got more than our asking price, that says it all, well done.

Jay P. Seller Carindale REA Verified

Gregg wasn't the typical agent, we knew straight away we were in safe hands. He was realistic and direct and he didn't just sell, he worked to get us that bit more. Thank you Gregg.

Donald and Esther. Seller Townsville REA Verified

What a breath of fresh air, an honest agent, now that’s a rare find. Gregg will get any property we sell in the future that’s for sure…thanks mate.

Robert & Arnette. Townsville REA Verified

We tried to sell with another agent who seems ok and promised the world, said he was the expert in the area, but then all he did was drive the price down, blaming the market, and the interest rates, the best offer he got was well under what he first promised. I then got referred to Gregg, and you could tell he was just straight up front, he gave us a range and we got the highest end some $40,000 more than the old agent, we are really grateful and he will be selling our other two properties.

Daniel M. - Seller Darwin REA Verified

We can't thank Gregg enough, he had to sell our property 3 times it wasn't an easy sale and he stuck with it he was amazing, the 3rd price ended up being the highest price too, any other agent would have taken the easy sale, he didn't. Good agents are hard to find, put Gregg's number in your phone or call me directly for a reference.

Karen & Gus P. - Varsity Lakes REA Verified

It's so true what Gregg said to us "not all agents are the same" and thnk God for that, so many agents we met were all just the same, they tell the same stories about how wonderful they are, they look the same and all do the same. It was great to meet a real agent, an authentic agent who you felt was open and honest, there was no slick presentation or promises, he just said it as it was. There is no mystery to it at the end of the day, if you're looking to sell talk to him thanks Gregg.

Marissa & Brian K. - Seller Worongary REA Verified

Really refreshing to deal with an open upfront honest agent.

Deb B. - Buyer Coomera REA Verified

Gregg simultaneously managed the sale of three properties for my family. EVERYTHING about what Gregg did was brilliant. He achieved record prices and dealt with numerous issues, whether or not they were his to do. Using Gregg to sell is like having the perfect PA to remove the associated pressure / distractions.

Nicholas L. - Seller Robina, Coomera & Mudgeeraba REA Verified

We spoke to a few agents, and just felt we were in good hands having Gregg represent us, he was straight forward and open he didn't overprice to just get us to list with him and he handled the negotiation smoothly, we were so impressed with the price we got, it was actually a fun and enjoyable process.

Tony M. - Seller Palm Beach REA Verified

Gregg is a gentleman and very genuine. His helpful advice to start our sale process was very much appreciated. We very much valued his help right up to moving day. He definitely helped in reducing an extremely stressful last few weeks into a more tolerable stressful situation.

Lloyd N. - Seller Elanora REA Verified

An open honest agent,who had a different approach to selling.

Chris W. - Seller Labrador REA Verified

I was referred to Gregg by a friend who worked with him. As I live in Sydney, I needed someone to guide me through the Gold Coast maze He acted as my buyer's agent to get me a great outcome.

Jimmy C. - Buyer Palm Beach REA Verified

Greg has a very good knowledge of the market and always responded to me straight away.

Lyn G. - Seller Labrador REA Verified

Gregg got us a great result, he was so easy to talk to, he really opened our eyes to how Real Estate has totally changed since RealEstate.com.au and Domain, the old way that most agents try to talk you into just doesn't work anymore it's a level playing field now, and all that crap they tell you about "I have this great exclusive database of buyers of buyers for your home etc etc " doesn't exist...Glad we found him. Victoria

Victoria F. - Seller Robina REA Verified

Gregg had a very good knowledge of the area and the market and gave the right marketing plan to get the property sold in a timely manner. We would recommend Gregg for buying and selling.

Mark P. - Seller Palm Beach REA Verified

I had agents knocking on my down all the time saying "we have buyers for your home etc" they all look the same and say the same thing, and think I believed them. Gregg's premium price guarantee was great, he acted quite differently, what he said just made sense with the extra approach he has expertise in getting to an extra group of buyers that my home suited, even my son was surprised at the price he got me, I'm very pleased and he also saved me money as well.

Steve H. - Seller Varsity Lakes REA Verified

I had my property listed with another agent for 3 months and got all these promises of buyers which came to nothing in truth, not one offer, a colleague put me in touch with Gregg and I felt he was straight up he gave me 6 written offers over time and he always told me not to take them he believed we could get more, and he was 100% right I got $61,000 over the last best sale in my building if you want an agent to really get results, call him and you are welcome to call me to. We owe you Gregg.

Matthew P. - Seller Southport REA Verified

I live in Melbourne and was out of touch with the Gold Coast market, and I kind of feel I had agents taking advantage of that, they all wanted to do auctions, Gregg said I could but talked me through why he felt it wouldn't get me the best price. I trusted his judgement and we did an EOI offer strategy, sure it took a bit longer but I really feel it was the best way to go for my property, I'm telling all my footy mates at Richmond to sell with him now.

Maverick W. - Seller Pimpama REA Verified

Gregg explained how the real estate game was tipped in agent's favour, it was an eye-opener, they all market in the same way, and there is no magic to it anymore, all agents sell any homes in any areas at any price, so I'm lucky we found an agent who tells it how it is and like he said he would do, he just worked harder for longer to get us the best price we could not the quickest sale and we saved some money as well, if you want an agent to have your back sell with Gregg.

Roy C. - Seller Brisbane REA Verified

The onsite manager referred Gregg to me as he was getting some higher prices, when he explained how he did it all made sense he does all the standard marketing every agent does plus exposes it to the seniors and downsizers which gets a lot more people seeing it, that's where we got our sale they loved our unit and saw the value in it A very creative point of difference that works.

Anthony H. Seller - Southport REA Verified

Gregg not only help us sell higher than all the recent sales from our onsite managers, but he also unearth the corruption, deceit and scams they were conducting that all owners we unaware of, totally underselling and mismanaging the entire complex which was why it was devalued. We personally feel so lucky that he helped us and looked after our interests as the managers were not. We and all the owners in there are grateful.

Stephen B. - Seller Mango Hill REA Verified

After careful consideration as to achieving the best outcomes for our clients and understanding the sensitivities of moving from their family homes to moving into Pavilion, we are pleased to entrust and support recommending our clients consider Gregg Hewitt a seniors real estate specialist from @Reality. www.thepavilionnorthkirra.com.au

Pavilions, North Kirra

"The way you approached the whole situation and worked out the best way to tackle the sale was superb it was a win - win result, congrats to you Gregg..what fabulous work you did you we tell people you are a magician!!!"

Richard L. - Seller Hope Island REA Verified

"You were the kindest and most genuine agent we met in our search and we met quite a few! Can't thank you enough for giving us meaningful information we will tell our friends to call you Gregg." please call us Kassy & Mike 0481519807.

Kassy & Mike - Buyers Mudgeeraba REA Verified

"In making the move to the Gold Coast from the ACT we flew up 3 weekends in our search to buy a new home, we lost count of the open homes and agents, yet Gregg stood out, we didn’t buy the home he was marketing at the time as it didn’t suit us, but I remembered him and kept his number and called him a few weeks after as he was so helpful and knew the market and taught us what to look for and what to avoid, it was really great and so true what he said. So I called him and made an appointment with him to ‘find us a home’ that fitted what we need, within our price range as we were back in the ACT, he listened and researched homes for us sending all the honest feedback you don’t get from the typical agents, we can’t thank him enough and recommend him highly." Jo and Peter (ACT) 0401570161.

Jo & Peter - Buyers Advocate ACT REA Verified

“The decision to sell our unit was complex there was a lot to think about and do as we were moving into a Retirement Community, as time went on Gregg's additional experience in the retirement industry was invaluable and a huge benefit in so many ways. All we can say is thank you, it’s hard to find good old fashion helpful service these days” Mathew and Sue 0403465220.

Matthew S. - Seller Currumbin REA Verified

“We had used another high-profile agency which we were very dishearten with, we were referred to Gregg, the proof is in the pudding As we had purchased a new home in a Retirement Village and were in jeopardy of losing our dream home here as we could sell our home for the right price. Our previous agent marketed our property for 15 weeks – with no offers and NO SALE. Gregg marketed our home and SOLD IT, for more than expected, off market. We think he is the best” anyone is welcome to call us on 0438445738.

Marddie - Seller Hope Island REA Verified

"Gregg was a breath of fresh air, genuine knowledgeable and very helpful we have had many agents approach you to market our home over the years all with pretty much the same mindset of just overselling us to get our listing, they just didn’t fit for us. We really valued his insight and openness, we enjoyed working together and we got an outcome better than we imagined, so refreshing." Lynda and Roger 0403245445.

Lynda G - Burleigh Heads REA Verified