Gregg Hewitt

Property Expert

Gold Coast & Brisbane , QLD

About Gregg Hewitt

QUESTION: Why list and sell your property with me?
ANSWER: I’m just authentic, which is rare today, additionally I offer you ‘My Premium Price Guarantee’, by increasing your properties exposure by up to +25%:

Today, it’s time to do things differently, to do things better over and above the norm, you need to stand out not blend in.

It's not just about the result, it's how i go about getting it.

To sell for a Premium Price: More buyer's = More competition = Premium Prices.

77% = ‘Traditional buyer's aged 25 to 65 years old.
23% = ‘Senior buyer's aged over 65 years old.
How does this benefit you? I specialise in targeting both markets, maximising not limiting your properties full exposure to 100% of the total buyer's market, not just the 77%.other agent target.

Traditional agents limit your properties exposure to just 77% of all potential buyer's through standard marketing on,, print and social media, databases and networks etc etc.

While agents talk about "What price they will get" I think a better question to ask is "How are they going to get it."

I deliver you a powerful marketing advantage, by targeting the 'traditional market' plus targeting the additional 23% market of senior other agents miss and overlook.
These cashed-up seniors, downsizers and retirees are the wealthiest in Australia's history and now receive Government incentives to downsize, they are also less concerned and affected by interest rate rises.
I reach 23% more potential buyer's for your property through my experience, networks and strategic alliances established over 20 years in the senior markets.

Whilst not always the eventual buyer, you would have to agree reaching 23% more buyer's than other agents will only help create more interest, competition and offers you a unique advantage to achieve a 'Premium Price' in today's market.

+ I built my reputation by being authentic, with repeat and referral clients by achieving premium prices through hard work, honesty and openness by treating the sale of their property as if it were my own.

+ I will provide evidence of higher comparable sales prices achieved and will connect you with clients who have benefited from the results.

+ I don’t make empty promises, I deliver on my promises and am available 24/7 to my clients.

+ I show respect by following up on all your enquires personally, on the day and not delegating responsibilities to the juniors or assistants.

+ I respect I work for you. I focus on marketing your property not marketing myself or my agency’ or redirecting your enquires to other people's properties.

+ I openly work 50/50, with any other agents to expose your property to more buyer's, to ensure you don’t miss any buyer's other agents may have.

+ Our network of 800+ @realty agents will expose your property to more buyer's.

+ @realty was acknowledged as 'No 1 agency' for new listings in 2023 selling over $2.9 Billion in sales

To understand 'Why’ not all agents are the same and how I consistently achieve Premium Prices other agents didn't think possible, or if I can help you in any way.

I hope you may consider me when evaluating who is the best agent to represent you to achieve the best sales outcome.